Python Hands-on Tutorial

This work has been done entirely using publicly available data, and was co-authored with Kai Kaiser. All errors and omissions are those of the author(s).

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Mapping information concerning distribution of people is vital to a host of public policy questions across our planet’s different country settings. The ability to capture…

Python Hands-on Tutorial

This data story is written in collaboration with Sai Krishna Dammalapati.

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It is the year 1892 in which Data Democracy started to take its roots in India. Before this year neither people nor people’s representatives had much access to the government information. Even if the information was known, they were…

Collaborative Data Science

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This work was co-authored with Kai Kaiser. Also, special thanks to Pedro Camargo for his valuable feedback. All errors and omissions are those of the author(s).

A rapidly expanding range of digital data and methods now provide significant opportunities to strengthen descriptive and prescriptive insights to better address the challenges…

Spatial Data Science

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Data-driven and Data-informed decision-making is now an integral part of private and public sector organizations. Unlocking the power of spatial data using specialized tools and techniques adds an additional level of insight and can create a significant impact on this decision-making process across sectors.

In this blog, I would like…

The objective of the COVID-19 Big Data Observatory is to raise the awareness, access, and ability of local policymakers to effectively leverage emerging technologies and information sources to support better public action design and implementation. We group key prospective insights and techniques into five major categories, guided by the nature…

Parvathy Krishnan

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