A data-based report on how India’s past and present will determine her post-COVID-19 future

This data story is written in collaboration with Sai Krishna Dammalapati, a Data Journalist based in Hyderabad.

The way Japan recovered from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear disaster is described as the Japanese economic miracle. Today, India needs a similar miracle to recover from the biological disaster she is facing in the form of COVID-19. But, what makes a miracle?

The Japanese miracle was not a ‘miracle’ in the literal sense. Apart from the post-war economic reforms, the strong socio-economic foundations — literacy rates, human capital…

By Parvathy Krishnan, Kai Kaiser, and Ashish Kalani

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a massive reduction of international and domestic air travel. Global Aviation API provided by Aviationstack offers a near real-time basis for assessing the extent to which air travel was impacted across a number of emerging economies as viewed through international and domestic air travel activity.

Air travel is not only an economically important sector in its own right, but is the lifeblood of wider commerce, tourism, and family relations. …

By Parvathy Krishnan, and Kai Kaiser

The threat of COVID-19 contagion has led countries across the world to implement countervailing policy actions. Policy measures across the globe have implied significant restrictions for ground, air, sea mobility, as well as commerce and recreation activities.

A “trinity” of measures — COVID-19 cases, government policy actions, and changes in mobility — emerged as key headline metrics for how the pandemic has evolved across countries. But as the initial focus was on ramping up emergency response, a growing number of countries are now entering hopefully phases of recovery.

The country visualizations by EndCoronavirus.org focused…


The objective of the COVID-19 Big Data Observatory is to raise the awareness, access, and ability of local policymakers to effectively leverage emerging technologies and information sources to support better public action design and implementation. We group key prospective insights and techniques into five major categories, guided by the nature of the data and the types of approaches needed to distill actionable insights. Depending on the disclosure and privacy policies associated with each data resource, what can be done differently. …

Parvathy Krishnan

Inspired by Data | Data Entrepreneur

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